All Beasts Together

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Randall Farmer

Publisher : MajorTransform Unlimited

ABOUT Randall Farmer

Randall Farmer
I am Randall Allen Farmer.  I am an author, science nerd, an amateur photographer, a father, and a pencil and paper game designer and gamemaster.  My formal education was in geology and geophysics, and back in the day I worked in the oil industry tweaking software associated with fin More...


Book Three of "The Commander"

Carol Hancock is a victim of Transform Sickness, a Major Transform known as an Arm.  After graduating from her training at the hands of the mentally unstable Arm, Stacy Keaton, she establishes a territory in the Chicago area.  However, her enemies, the Chimeras who call themselves Hunters, and their master, Wandering Shade, do not want Carol in Chicago, and vow to chase her away.  Her established allies, Keaton and the researcher Henry Zielinski, are far away, but still in communication with her, and can offer no direct aid.

Carol forges new alliances as she fights back against Wandering Shade’s beastly Chimeras, and learns how to live as a free Arm.  Her hidden ally, the Major Transform Crow named Gilgamesh, faces a choice of dangers, and chooses a new path for the flighty Crows.  A Crow by the name of Sky appears, and presents a mission to Focus Rizzari that will shake up the Transform community.  Henry Zielinski, forced to take shelter under the protection of the Focus Lori Rizzari, makes an important discovery he hopes can help Carol, at least indirectly, in her fight against the Chimeras.

Wandering Shade shows no signs of giving up the fight, though.

Book Three of "The Commander"