General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Winslow Eliot

Publisher : Telemachus Press

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Winslow Eliot
As well as being a novelist, I’m an intuitive consultant and teacher. My non-fiction book, "What Would You Do If There Was Nothing You Had To Do? Practices to create your life the way you want it to be" is WINNER of Indie Excellence Book Awards (self-help). The titles in my S More...


Investigative reporter Leigh Gardner admired scientist Kale Trenton from the time she first heard of him, way back when she was a teenager. When his ancient chalice is stolen, a chalice vital to a mysterious scientific project, Leigh vows she'll go to the ends of the earth to bring it back - not just for him, but because she wants to know more about its extraordinary power. The more she finds out, the more she realizes she is running a terrifying race against time. She chases every lead, every possibility, traveling from the moon-bathed Hawaiian beaches to a Renaissance villa in the heart of Milan, to the glamorous skyscrapers of Sydney, to a strange glass mansion built on the edge of the Malibu cliffs in southern California. Afraid for her, Kale begs her to forget it - to let it go. Her sister tells her to leave it alone. Her boss says drop it. But Leigh won't. Can't. Even the fact that her life is in danger won't stop her. She grows increasingly convinced that Kale's rival, Peregrine, has taken it. He won't admit it. And she has to decide just how far she'll go to bring it back.
To those of us who like our prose refined, Ms. Eliot has considerable pleasure to offer. And to those of us who like it passionate--well, sample the Hawaiian hurricane that that opens this book. Emily B. would have loved it. And the INNER hurricane, too, is Bronte-esque--the surrender to love that whirls us through the story. "Every day she painted another coat of varnish over the skin of her soul."
But this is not a dark novel or a heavy one. It's a colorful, exotic, danger-filled adventure that bristles with scientific and alchemical speculation, a thriller that makes you sensitive to the sound of a computer in a dark room--and then it's absence. It skips like a stone to Malibu, Milan, Sydney, Varese...an optimistic book. Awe and wonder are with us throughout.
"Essentially," the narrator tells us, "there are two choices to be made in life: to be bitter or not to be bitter." In Winslow Eliot's distinct voice, bitterness doesn't have a chance.
--Robert MacLean, author of The Toby Series, The President's Palm Reader, The Greek Island Murder, and others