Time Prisoners

ABOUT Corey Deitz

Corey Deitz
Corey Deitz has done radio shows in some of the USA's greatest markets including Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Richmond, Virginia Beach and Little Rock.   Deitz and his on-air partner  do a morning show on KDJE-FM (100.3) in Little Rock, Arkansas. Deitz was a 2008 n More...



Time Prisoners by Corey Deitz asks and answers the simple question: what it would be like if you woke up one day and every conspiracy theory you ever heard was true?


The biggest conspiracy theories are integrated into a satirical and humorous tale based on the life of world-famous exorcist, Father Franklin U. Shmit, a priest with Tourette’s Syndrome.  This is the third and final story in what has become a trilogy.


Not only is Time Prisoners a romp behind the greatest conspiracies of all time but it crosses the lines between historical fiction and science fiction with a back story that includes time travel, God, Satan, UFOs, aliens, chemtrails, the Moon landing, Area 51, angels, demons, and even Abraham Lincoln.


Time Prisoners is a unique and fresh approach to a subject that continues to keep people talking – conspiracy theories.

The main character, Father Franklin Shmit, is a world-renowed exorcist with Tourette's Syndrome. Fortunately, his foul mouth is just what is needed to stand up to demons. His friend is a brilliant computer geek nicknamed Fire Fox. Between the two of them they manage to weather outrageous circumstances including conspiracy theories, aliens, zombies, Satan, and a host of paranormal events. Yes, it is a trilogy. The idea for the main character came from a former business associate who said to me one day, "Wouldn't it be funny if a priest had Tourette's Syndrome?" Yes, it would...and is.

"Awesome! You outdid yourself on this one!" - Chris McKinley via Facebook

"...the book is pure genius! I recommend it to anyone who has a little extra time and wants to read something amazing!" - Mike Davis via text

"Total page turner or page swiper!" - Roy McMasters, Jr. (Amazon)

"some of the wittiest and strange reading I've had in a while. I loved it!" -    Mike Woodall (Amazon)