Apocalypse Babes: The Complete Series

Apocalypse Babes: The Complete Series

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Bella Street
Bella Street lives so close to Nashville that she's been provoked to take up fiddle lessons. Until her tunes no longer sound like amorous alley cats, she writes weird romance. Visit her sites at: bellastreetwrites.com and apocalypsebabes.com



It's been said that a sure sign of the coming apocalypse is an 80s roller skate disco movie coming to DVD (with special features). In the science-fiction novel series Apocalypse Babes, a stylish group of twenty-something friends are torn from the Babylonian arms of 2006 West Hollywood and flung nearly thirty years into the past. It might be because one of them purchased the taboo film in a nostalgic moment, setting off a chain of events more disturbing than a roller skating conga line. They wake up in an apocalyptic but strangely familiar landscape, complete with a hidden mountain compound and retro survivalists, hinting at hidden and retro secrets they must face if they want to survive.

All six full length novels in a set. Includes The Z Word, The X Factor, iRobotronic, Kumbaya Much, Bite Me, and Apocalypse For Realz.

In light of the zombie craze and the urban fantasy novels with kick-butt heroines, I thought it would be fun to do a twist on that with a heroine who wears pink velour instead of stilettos and is living the life of a zombie-ish wannabe-ism in West Hollywood. And then time-travel happens.

Crazy and original and AWESOME!, April 23, 2012

Excellent science fiction!!!, October 13, 2012


A series you cannot put down!, December 21, 2011

Clare Havens