The Life of Me

Young Adult, Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

By Nigel Brown-ward

Publisher : self published

ABOUT Nigel Brown-ward

nigel brown-ward


Growing up in foster care, Anthony Wilson knew the answers to these questions all to well. Being a victim of abuse physically and sexually began to turn him into a child with no heart, no morals and a mind powered off of vengeance. Eight years old and a crack house is where he chose to runaway too.  He learned things that should have been hidden from him and he degraded himself in order to live, in hopes it would have to only be temporary.

Lisa is 21.  Growing up with her father beating on her mother conformed her to search for the same relationships. She saw her mother as a fighter and a strong woman, who would take her father back over and over again. It’s been 5 years since Lisa started getting beat by her boyfriend James. When the bruises got so deep she finally gained enough courage and left.

Lisa meets Anthony and her life finally gains purpose. She has been away from James for a while now. She see’s a future to give to someone so pure and innocent as Anthony. Anthony never thought he would meet someone that would offer him the life he had always dreamed about. But just when life seemed to be at its best...James is back. Lisa, not realizing that the hold James had on her would soon force her to give him the chance she should have never given. As Anthony hid upstairs and listened to the screams, the demons that haunted his dreams now circled around him. The screams finally stopped and now Anthony stood and stared at the life he thought he’d have, lie dead in front of him. 

Now 16, and his relationship with his girlfriend Ashley would soon turn his nightmares into his reality. Something always seemed to bother Anthony. The question kept rolling over in his mind. Where is her father? A question that he would soon wish he never learned the answer to.

As Anthony stared at Ashley’s father the images of the only woman to care for him unconditionally begin to tornado in his mind, replaying the scene as he stood there and stared at her dead body, the vengeance that had hibernated in his mind now resurfaced. The murderer from the dark had now been revealed, and the danger that followed, would be what none of us were ever prepared for. James is Ashley’s father and Anthony is the only one who knows his secret of murdering Lisa. With Anthony’s pulse of rage, and James fear of exposure no one is safe.

Sometimes we take for granted the promise we are given in life. Sometimes we don't know how it feels to be homeless and grow up in the foster care system. We ignore issue such as rape, abuse, domestic violence. But what we must understand is that these are our realities. I am a former foster child and a survivor. i was a victim of abuse. Growing up to be everything you did not come from is the mentality that I had. Which meant fight, no matter what.