ELLA MAE: How My Mother Died

ABOUT Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams
  Born a child prodigy and a rare-gifted genius in 1961, Mr. Andrew Williams has lived a life few others have experienced and survived to talk about. Already facing prejudice in Lawton, Oklahoma because of the color of his skin and his peculiar abilities as an extremely-gifted genius, y More...





Mrs. Ella Mae Williams wanted to be a good wife, and for more than a decade she endured verbal abuse and vicious attacks at the hands of the man she loves and who once professed to love her.


Steadfastly, she refused to fight back even when her husband punched and pushed her, mercilessly punishing her just to see her break. He would curse and choke her, until she struggled for breath.


But she refused to bend and she never begged for mercy. In silence and solitude, she sought and found her source of strength — even as she hoped that one day the man who abuses her would return to being the husband who once cherished her. But hers was the story of a thousand battered wives, clinging to the hollow hand of a misguided hope; many

never to wake from that fragile dream.


But then one day, something within her exploded and this soft, steely woman found the courage to take a stand. Still, it came with a hefty price.


In the end her husband managed to turn her family and children against her, making them combatants in the war against her. And when he threatened to kill her, no one took it seriously. No one listened when she spoke of her husband, the charming ex-military man and her son, a member of a secret society, plotting to kill her.


No one listened when she said she wasn’t crazy. Well, none except for her favorite son who stepped in to help. But in the end, even he couldn't change her tragic fate.


The true story of Ella Mae unravels a history of violence, abandonment, betrayal and, perhaps, murder...?