At Large

Mystery & Thrillers

By Lynne Murray

Publisher : Pearlsong Press

ABOUT Lynne Murray

Lynne Murray
Lynne Murray knew she wanted to write a novel featuring a fat heroine with a take-no-prisoners attitude when the book hit the wall. She threw the novel she was reading when she reached a page where the book's heroine sneers at a fat character. It was one fat joke too many. She had to do so More...


It's a king-sized case for a queen-sized sleuth. In the third Josephine Fuller mystery, Jo is working undercover at a women's skills center when she spots an old acquaintance. Jo last saw Teddy in Kathmandu when her photographer husband ran off with Teddy's mountain-climbing wife, leaving the spouses to commiserate. Now Teddy has a new problem -- his latest girlfriend is missing. Jo agrees to track her down, and the trail leads straight to his estranged wife, murdered with a climbing axe. Jo suddenly finds herself a major suspect in the death of the woman who broke up her marriage. Add to that Jo's already muddled love life, an apartment filled with haunting memories, and suspects ranging from the victim's lesbian vegetarian sister to her fading film star mother, her politician stepfather and her mooching father, and Jo's got her hands full.

At Large is the third book in the Josephine Fuller mystery series by Lynne Murray. The series was originally published by St Martin's Press (the first book, Larger Than Death, was originally published in hardcover by Orloff Press), but was out of print until Pearlsong Press starting reprinting the series and publishing the books in ebook form for the first time.

"A large dose of fun carefully entwined in a rip-snorting mystery."
Crescent Blues

"This one is a winner, the kind of read you don't want to put down unless the house is on fire."
Lee Martindale
Rump Parliament Magazine

"Josephine Fuller charms the reader with her wry, self-deprecating humor and her passionate defense of the underdog."
Donna Andrews
author of Murder with Peacocks

"At Large is filled with hilarious dialogue, comfortable old friends and a great love triangle. Grab a cup of tea, sit in front of the fireplace, and follow Jo as she sets out to solve this latest puzzle."
BBW Magazine

"Investigator Josephine Fuller is a large woman, but no challenge is too big for her."
The Oklahoman