Woman of Clay: An outrageous gospel story unveiled

ABOUT Linda Caddick

Linda Caddick
My passion is to write inspirational fiction that illustrates the truth of the gospel through colourful characters and engaging stories.


The story told for the first time in this powerful representation of New Testament events.

In her mind’s eye, she saw herself cowering as the blur of that first stone hurtled towards her, its keen edge cutting into the soft flesh of her neck. Then another, striking her on the temple with a head-splitting blow, stones slamming into her from every direction until . . .  She felt the terror of death and heard her own screams inside her head. “God have mercy on me,” she whimpered.

Driven by a burning quest for happiness, Shana sets out to embrace all that the world has to offer, casting off the legacy of her father’s rejection. Or so she thinks. Instead she slides down a path of self-deception, passion and turmoil, sacrificing the love of a good man to satisfy a need she can’t identify. A controversial young rabbi claims her heart and gives his life in exchange.