A Look Over My Shoulder

Biographies & Memoirs

By Garry Fabian

Publisher : Makor Library

ABOUT Garry Fabian

Garry Fabian
Have been working as a journalist and editor for several decades, and have written my autobiography, several organisational histories, as well as a wide range of articles across a wide spectrum



In 1936 Garry Fabian's family fled Germany to Czechoslovakia, hoping to escape Nazi persecution. In 1942, When Garry was eight, the family was interned in Theresienstadt, a "model settlement" that ws used by the Nazi propaganda machine.
This book bears witness to the real story of what happened there. Of the 15,000 children who went through Teresienstadt, about 150 survived. Garry was one of them.
The family was liberated in 1945 and the new life they built in Australia is confirmation of the ability of the human spirit to overcome past trauma and live fully