Sometime, Somewhere

Sometime, Somewhere

ABOUT Kalyn Fogarty

Kalyn Fogarty



Jimmy and Wren Knight appear to have the perfect life- young, beautiful, hopelessly in love. But beneath the surface of every marriage are fissures that threaten to break even the strongest of bonds. Wren desperately wants a baby, despite her ongoing battle with ovarian cancer. Against all odds and recommendations, she is hell bent on getting pregnant and starting their family. While Jimmy wants to be a father, he’s afraid Wren is not strong enough to carry a baby and fears losing the thing that is most important to him- Wren. As if this wasn’t enough, they also have ghosts.

After a fatal accident, James awakens as a ghost in the Knight family living room. Recognizing that Jimmy is a different version of himself, James realizes that rather than haunting his past life, he’s watching an adaptation of his life had he married his high school sweetheart.

Karen hoped that suicide would finally end her suffering. Much to her dismay, her death resulted in her haunting an alternate version of her life. As a ghost, she finds herself watching a life where she’s married to her long-ago lover, but still battling cancer.

Karen assumes she is alone in this parallel limbo until she encounters another ghost, James. With some coaxing on both sides they rekindle their lost relationship. James finally forgives himself for past mistakes and Karen allows herself to be loved. It seems they finally have a chance at happiness, but as events in the real world spin out of control, they worry that fate may still work to keep them apart. Although the ghosts cannot change the world they haunt, it becomes apparent that their redemption depends on the survival of Jimmy and Wren’s marriage.