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LiNCOLN PARK began writing books as a way to privately express her feelings about prevalent social issues; especially in regard to urban, African-American, feminine perspectives. However -- with the subjects and popularity of her titles now crossing over publishing color-lines, LiNCOLN PAR More...


Just who ARE those phone support people you call every day -- you know -- the support reps who give you troubleshooting tips, sales slogans, prepaid phone refills, directory assistance, driving directions and bank balances?

Have you ever wondered where THEY go once you hang up the phone?

 In her third novel, HANDLE TiME, contemporary fiction writer, LiNCOLN PARK, brings you a saucy, searing and HILARIOUS story; which explores the inner workings of an AMERICAN CALL CENTER. Take a guided tour -- if you dare -- through this weird, wild world of worker-bees; which exists in twisted parallel to your own!  PARENTAL ADVISORY

Review 24: Handle Time by Lincoln Park

Handle Time
by Lincoln Park
Copyright: © 2008
196 Pages
$14.95 Paperback
$6.95 E-Book
ISBN: 9780615215181

Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lilly Tomlin have nothing on Lincoln Park.  Her book, Handle Time, is (the movie)"9 to 5" on crack rock!    We all remember that type writer banging, coffee slinging, boss   fondled, witty trio from the 80s movie which became a salute to the working woman!

Well, not much has changed these days in the way of office gossip despite the fact that we have to press one for English and spend more time on hold just trying to speak to an actual person.  Lincoln Park’s witty book drips with the over-the-top office drama, I’m sure a ton of us middle class Americans can relate to, like decaf from the lunchroom percolator.

Are you trapped in a cubicle all day tied to a phone taking calls from bitchy customers?  Do you work Monday through Friday listening to wining dead beats about their overdrawn bank balances?  Are order entry and filing on your list of resume attributes?  If you are sick of the water cooler humor and need someone outside of work who you can relate to, then buy this book!

We’ve all seen those humorous Youtube videos displaying dramatic office humor where employees snap and toss their computer monitors across the room, but those vids probably aren’t far from the truth.  Meet Chase, Lincoln’s central character whose had enough!  We barely get to know the poor girl as a character before she’s hauled out of the office on a stretcher.

But strap yourself in, because this roller coaster ride of a read is about to take you into the world of corner offices and cubicles which you probably didn’t know existed, and definitely don’t want to.  Flash back to Chase and her friends landing top positions at Delstar Bank call center.  Destined to beat standard middle class living outside of their bi-weekly paychecks, these trainees end up with more than they bargained for on their climb up the corporate ladder.

Like many of us, we kiss ass in interviews and wear a nice suit, only to become shackled to a desk with carpel tunnel and a telephone that won’t stop ringing.  It’s the gossip and office drama away from our desk that helps beat the monotony of the day, but is that worth the bad wages we make and the abuse we put up with from customers?  It’s enough to drive anyone postal, and this author’s in-your-face attitude will have you questioning, “is this worth 8 hours of my time each day?”

Dead beat coworkers with poor work ethics, pouty pregnant women whose men left them, computer geeks who know too much, fat chicks with low self-esteem… this book is chock full of colorful characters from cold CEOs to office supply stealing freaks.  On one page, your heart is full of sympathy and you are rooting for the underdog, on the next page you find you are the underdog.

At 196 pages, Ms. Park’s book makes the sitcom, The Office, look like a cake walk.  If you’ve ever hung up the phone for holding too long or cussed at the illiterate in India and demanded they get an American on the phone, or if you’ve ever been that employee on the other end of the line, then this book is for you!  Taking office humor to a whole new level, I commend Lincoln Park on her tongue in cheek farce about the cubicle culture most of us wake up to everyday.

Hey you!  Put down those post-its and stop sniffing your whiteout.  And read this book!