Summer in the City

Poetry, Children's Books

By Kathleen Wainwright

Publisher : Willa's Tree Studios, LLC

ABOUT Kathleen Wainwright

Kathleen Wainwright
Kathleen Wainwright is a dedicated teacher in the School District of Philadelphia. She received her bachelor’s of Science degree in education from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and her master’s in education with a focus in literacy, from West Chester University,  in West Ches More...



“I remember when we would all laugh and play, enjoying summer vacation, back in the day. We would sit on the porch brick wall to my back, bouncing a pink ball and swooping up jacks.”

Summer in the City is a heartwarming picture book based on author Kathleen Wainwright’s childhood growing up in the city. Before there were 24-hour cartoon channels, laptop computers or the internet, what did kids do all day to occupy their time when schools were on break and the days were hot?


Double-dutch, hopscotch, hide and seek…There never seemed to be enough hours in the day for kids to play with siblings and friends, explore their surroundings, or just laugh and giggle. Children and adults can enjoy this timeless story, which captures memories of blissful childhood summers in cities everywhere.