Stories from Dale Hollow: Short Stories, Pictures, and History of Dale Hollow Lake and The Obey River Valley

General Fiction, History, Travel

By Darren Shell

Publisher : Fideli Publishing 888-343-3542

ABOUT Darren Shell

Darren Shell
  Darren Shell started writing in the spring of 2005. His first effort was a simple story about Dale Hollow Lake for his daughter, who was then ten years old. “It was crude and simple, but heart-felt and tender,” Shell says. “It was a ghost tale about the making of Dale Hollow Lake More...



The stories and photographs in this book chronicle the history of what was once the Obey River Valley. The building of Dale Hollow Dam flooded homes and farms in the closely-knit communities that existed along the shores of the Obey. Those families were uprooted from the homes they loved ... and a way of life. This book wraps itself around those families during the transformation from land to lake and shows the evolution of this wonderful body of water called Dale Hollow.

This book was really interesting and gave a good, well-rounded view of Dale Hollow Lake. The authors' passion on the subject is easily contagious after reading the book. Experiencing Dale Hollow is the best way to get the true feel, but if you can't be there, then reading this book is the next best thing! Anita Speck on


A very good book offering history of the past lives that surrounded the lake before it was constructed. I have visited the lake several times but having this additional information makes it more interesting as we explore new areas based off the information provided within the book. Definitely the cleanest lake I have ever been in on the East side of the United States. Renee L. Clay on