Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End

ABOUT LaVon Gittens

LaVon Gittens
I write because I can't afford a therapist. Author, publisher, aspiring philanthropist, entertainer AND. Wait no. That's it. I shoot for the stars cuz even if I miss I'ma kill some clouds...Those bastards



Paranoia. Delusion. Anxiety. Loneliness. Living in the cut throat city of Manhattan can feel like a daily war. But when the new year rekindles the ageless clash between Heaven and Hell, four angels born as men are awakened. Neil Maillen, a young and successful journalist, prepares for the birth of his son and a stressful new life when he discovers he possesses super human abilities.
      As a Sacred Angel, he teams up with Aurora, a sassy model, Amanda, a bipolar blonde and Ezekiel, a self-conscious artist to form the Descended Radiance: the fist of God.
      Dragged into a terrifying reality of demons, monsters and mystifying strangers, it is suddenly their responsibility to defeat the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. As Heaven and Hell use Earth as a battleground, can the four save the World while battling their even more ferocious inner demons?