Shadow on the Moon (The Werewolf Series #1)

ABOUT Connie Flynn

Connie Flynn
Connie Flynn has currently released a brand new romantic suspense, KNOW WHEN TO RUN, which will soon be available on Freado.

Connie is a bestselling, award-winning author. With ten earlier novels from major New York publishing houses under her belt and several published short  More...



"... a rising star with the sure touch of a born storyteller . . ."  --Romantic Times
"Fabulous . . . action packed supernatural romance that fans of the genre will enjoy to the max." --Under the Covers
"This is real suspense. While I knew that a happy ending was imminent, I certainly wanted it to get here . . . soon." --The Romantic Reader
A woman bent on saving a pack of wild wolves crashes during a deadly snowstorm.
    A man tormented by a secret he dare not reveal desperately needs her to free him.
    Only a ceremony grounded in love can save them both--and it all happens under the SHADOW OF THE MOON.

I've read tons of romance books and lately find myself becoming bored and skimming pages even with books I like. This was the first book in a long time that I read straight through to the very last sentence." --Anonymous

"This is a solid recipe for an unforgettable read that will keep you up at night. The suspense is exciting and unpredictable. " --K. Walker

Connie transported me into her world of shapeshifting werewolves, with a sexy hero and a strong, courageous heroine. Loved the setting and the atmosphere the author created.  Can't wait to read more quality novels like this." --Vijaya Schartz

If you like the sizzling tension of Kresley Cole, the taut suspense of Christine Feehan or the contemporary feel of Lori Handeland,  SHADOW ON THE MOON and SHADOW OF THE WOLF are right up your alley.

I fell in love with Lon Chaney's Wolfman when I was seven years old (go figure, then again I was just a kid) and was always drawn to the supernatural, the creatures and events that defy explanation. So when publishers began putting out calls for paranormal romance, Shadow on the Moon was born.