Surreal Ecstasy

ABOUT Chrissy Moon

Chrissy Moon
Originally a poet, Chrissy Moon began writing fiction in 2011.  She has a varied and random interest in history, from Ancient Egypt to the American Revolution. Her writing is highly emotional and always entertaining.



Morgan Constantina has taken ecstasy for the last time. She's alone, been abused, and has no friends. Even her own mother thinks she's evil. 

But just as she's on the brink of death, she makes friends with Dess, a strange, outspoken lesbian who reveals to Morgan the world of the God Generation - antiquated gods and goddesses who want to be in power again, and the angels and demons who are determined to keep the laws of the universe the way they are. They've been coming to Earth for decades, born as flesh-and-blood humans with unique powers. 

And just when Morgan falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent, considerate man, she finds out that he has a spiritual secret of his own. Surreal Ecstasy is an inspiring story about the hope and strength we all have, deep within our souls, no matter how lost we think we are.