All My Love, Detrick

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Roberta Kagan
When I was a child my mother kept a black suitcase in our basement. She forbade me to look inside.  Of course as we all know the way to spark a child’s curiosity is to tell them they are forbidden to do or see a particular thing.  One afternoon when my mother was out, I raced down stai More...



True love is difficult to come by. What would you sacrifice for love? Your home? Your material possessions? Your family and friends? Your principles? Your life?
Detrick, a seven-year-old Aryan boy, with blonde hair that shines like the rays of the sun rides his brand new bicycle down a main street of Berlin in 1923. Young and carefree, he’s fully experiencing freedom for the first time. It is mid-day and the street is filled with humanity. Vendors hawk their wares and haggle with potential shoppers, while a few of the new inventions called automoblies honk as make their way through the crowded roads. There is so much to look at, to smell, and to take in, the fresh baked bread, the chocolate candy, the fresh fruit. Detrick is swept away by all of the activities surrounding him, so he is not paying attention when suddenly a horse drawn cart appears causing him to fall. Embarrassed and upset he decides to walk his damaged bicycle home by a different path, one where he is unlikely to be forced to face his friends. A path through the Jewish sector of town. It is here that he meets Jacob Abdenstern, a lovable Jewish bicycle repair man who offers to help the little boy. Detrick having an alcoholic, anti-Semitic father finds a friend and much-needed paternal figure in Jacob. A relationship flourishes between the two of them that will alter both of their lives forever.

Chapter one begins in 1933. Detrick is now seventeen, a man, athletic, full of passion, and working in Jacob’s bicycle shop. When Jacob invites Detrick to a Shabbat dinner with his family, things change. The stars align as Detrick sees Jacobs fifteen-year-old daughter Leah in a new light. The attraction between the two is undeniable, and they find themselves falling in love, just as Hitler is appointed chancellor of Germany.
The heart-wrenching novel " All My Love Detrick" intertwines the lives of the lovers and their families as they try to survive in a world gone mad, under the reign of Hitler and his Third Reich.
So I ask you again how much would you sacrifice for your true love? Detrick is willing to sacrifice everything in a time as sinister as they come.

This is a huge, sweeping historical saga that will tug at your heart strings. If you liked "Titanic," you'll love "All My Love, Detrick."

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“I saw Detrick and Leah so vividly through Roberta Kagan’s characterizations that my heart broke for them while I was riveted to each page. Kagan has a way of bringing her subjects to life for us in a way only a very talented writer can.”

“This is one of the books that you don`t want to end. This book was really awesome ! Beautiful heart breaking story.Wow ! If you like World War II books ,than you definitely have to get this one !”
Goodreads Reviewer

“Rarely do I read a book more than once, then I pass it on. “All My Love Detrick” will not leave my bookshelf because I know I will keep going back to it to reread different scenes that will drift through my mind from time to time.”
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Excerpt: Kristalnacht

The night of broken glass….

A shattering crashed through the stillness of the darkness as if the world was coming to an end. The sky lit up with orange and red fire following a booming thunderous roar as the synagogue that the Abdenstern’s had attended for years burst into flames. Then came the crashing of clubs as the windows of the local shops fell in shards upon the streets. Cries of terror from the women and children filled the Jewish sector of town. Men who’d been ripped from their homes lay upon the ground beaten and bleeding. Wild mobs ran in every direction looting and destroying, forgetting all respect for human life. For the Jews who lived and worked in peace for centuries in this tiny community, Armageddon had begun.