ABOUT Jeffrey Littorno

Jeffrey Littorno
I have always been a writer
whether it was in school or
at work.  It has only been in
the last few years that
I have run out of excuses for not
throwing myself into my writing. 
My first novel, Bloom's Desk,
was published in April,
and I am More...



Here’s what readers of Jeffrey Littorno’s Soul Hostage have been saying:

“From the very first page, I found myself wound up in the barbed-wire tangle of mixed emotions Littorno uses to ensnare his readers.” - April

“If you like twist and turns, you will enjoy Soul Hostage.” – Arnold1

“I am unsure what genre to attribute this marvelous work. It is definitely a thriller filled with suspense, but it also has horror components. His works are evocative of Stephen King, with overtones of H.P. Lovecraft and a sprinking of Steinbeck.” – Merry Widow


Think the devil is always easy to recognize?

You are wrong. Evil comes in all shapes and sizes.

Thomas and Joey have known a great deal of trouble in their lives. Robbery, asssault, burglary,and other dark deeds have marked their time together. Through it all, they have been able to count on each another.

But everything starts to change when during a less-than-successful robbery they meet Louis Stoaffer and enter the paranormal world of the occult. After taking him hostage, the roles change as the old man turns the tables on his captors with the promise of a big score.

Stoaffer spins an engaging tale in which betrayal and downfall replace his previous comfortable life with a prison cell. For assisting the old man in getting his revenge upon a scheming wife and treacherous business partener, Thomas and Joey will be rewarded with the means of making their dreams come true.

Always up for any action, Joey readily agrees to Stoaffer’s plan. Thomas, on the other hand, is not so certain about trusting the strange old guy. Eventually, just as he has numerous times in the past, Thomas gives in to Joey’s pressure and agrees to take part in the scheme.

However, as the trio travels south to carry out Stoaffer's plan, the promised slice of heaven goes south as well. Thomas learns that his instincts were correct, and nothing is as simple as it first appeared. Dreams become nightmares, and the only promise remaining is that of souls facing hell and eternal damnation.

The final question is how far Thomas will go in order to save himself.