A Mother's Patience: Special Edition

ABOUT Sharon Lee Hobbs

Sharon Lee Hobbs
Just a little about me ~ I love meeting people. I love dream catchers and I love to write. That has been my dream along my lifes journey. Although it seems to change constantly. God is leading me down paths I would have never gone. Some could be writing for┬áthose who need some inspiration More...


Sarah was a bubbly little girl growing up. Loving her family unconditionally. Never could she have imagined the conditions that were placed on that love. The child she had at a tender age always seemed to be put out of her reach. Never understanding why. It seemed she fought all the time and failed. For several years this consumed Sarah's very being until one night she gave up. It almost took her life. How would she be able to go on? It was a venture and a definite learning experience. Her answer? Love.