The Dumb and the Dumbfounded

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Prerna Varma
Known as the 'Wizkid' from Punjab, Prerna Varma always had a penchant for writing. While freelancing for local sections of newspapers like Indian Express, The Times of India and The Tribune, she explored wide number of genres. A psychology student and popular public speaker, she has more  More...



For few, college is the temple of learning, for some it is their 
ticket to romance, for others it is a place to make new friends, 
creating countless memories !

What does ‘college’ mean to you?
Does it remind you of your ‘best friend?’
The friend who has been there, shared your dreams, acted as an 
advisor and an agony aunt.

But what if this same ‘friend’ betrays you, tries to sabotage your career and threatens to reveal every single detail of your life?

Would you sit in a corner and sob? Or would to stand up and 

‘The Dumb and the Dumbfounded’ is a tale of two friends- Aarav and Dhruv, who embark on a thrilling ride of life.
But soon the thin line between thrill and fright starts to dissipate.

Aarav begins to lead a ‘dual life.’
Dhruv gives a new meaning to IIT.
And one of them discovers other’s plans.

Would they forgive and forget? Or would they seek vengeance?
But first, they have to make the ends meet, without actually making them meet!

This is a journey where there’s nothing right or wrong.

(Not a love triangle)