Rasputin and The Jews - A Reversal of History

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By Delin Colon

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ABOUT Delin Colon

Delin Colon
Delin Colon is a writer and researcher residing in the Pacific Northwest U.S.



This book is an account of Rasputin as a healer, equal rights activist and man of God, and why he was so vilified by the aristocracy that their libelous and slanderous rumors became accepted as history. For nearly a century, Grigory Rasputin, spiritual advisor to Russia's last Tsar and Tsarina, has been unjustly maligned simply because history is written by the politically powerful and not by the common man. A wealth of evidence shows that Rasputin was discredited by a fanatically anti-Semitic Russian society, for advocating equal rights for the severely oppressed Jewish population, as well as for promoting peace in a pro-war era. Testimony by his friends and enemies, from all social strata, provides a picture of a spiritual man who hated bigotry, inequity and violence. The author is the great-great niece of Aron Simanovitch, Rasputin's Jewish secretary. 

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I had always known that my great-great uncle was secretary to Rasputin, but when I finally read his memoirs, I learned that Rasputin was not a demon but a humanitarian who was persecuted for his liberal and egalitarian beliefs, especially his support of equal rights for the oppressed Jews. With several years of further research, I was able to substantiate this assertion, leading to the publication of this book.

"Almost every day, I am privileged to hear from authors who call my attention to their newly-published books.  But none of them claimed my attention quite as forcefully as Delin Colón, author of Rasputin and the Jews: A Reversal of History." --- JewishJournal.com - Jonathan Kirsch

"Colón has put forth the notion that Rasputin's advocacy on behalf of the country's Jews contributed to his demise." --The Jewish Literary Review - Steve Pollak

"Mrs. Colón's dissertation is a brief but well-written exposition on a historical figure who was both maligned and misunderstood when it comes to written Jewish and Russian history." -- New York Journal of Books --Charles Weinblatt, reviewer and author of "Jacob's Courage".

Delin Colón "bashes the popular notion of the infamous Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin as an influential anti-Semitic, power-hungry conniver in the final years of the Russian Romanov dynasty."  --The Baltimore Jewish Times - Neil Rubin

"This book becomes a short course on revolutionary Russian history and gets gold stars as an example of a well-produced self-published book."  -- Diana Brement, JTNews columnist

"It is tragic that a person should be vilified because he sought to aid people, and it is even more heartrending that all too many people accepted these lies as true. We owe Delin Colon thanks for revealing the truth."  - - Israel Drazin, author 

"Rasputin and the Jews: A Reversal of History, by Delin Colon, is truly what the subtitle claims to be; it presents Rasputin in a completely different light. Ms. Colon has assembled a weighty bibliography, including the writings of those who knew him personally, both sympathizers and enemies, and extracts from them a fascinating picture of this holy man." - - Clark Zlotchew, author

"Rasputin & the Jews: A Reversal of History is a vindication of Rasputin's good deeds by a writer who has nothing to gain by correcting the historical record, other than sharing the true story of a man whose reputation has been maligned because he dared oppose the people who had the most to lose by permitting some semblance of human rights to Jews and other peasants: The nobility." - - Bryna Kranzler, author

"History tells us that, once a myth is planted in the archives of recollection, it is difficult to root out. As a corollary, it's rare to find scholarship that reverses popular, dominant perceptions of people, settings, and events. In her compelling monograph, Rasputin and the Jews, scholar and author Delin Colon does just that." - - Charles Degelman, author