ABOUT Kathy McCurry

Kathy McCurry
Attended Toccoa Falls College,inspired author and a book reader too. I always loved Stephen King, Clive Barker and Stephen Spielberg books and movies. I love to write stories that can happen in real life and out of the ordinary. I don't like to stay tied down to writing one book at a time More...




During the early 1930s, few were ready for the events that unfolded. Many were left homeless, hungry and abandoned as they desperately tried to find help in a troubled Nation.
This is a story of one man's struggles as he fought against others as well as reality to survive with his wits, determination and fortitude to find his own way out of the mess other's created to begin with.
Meet Blake Johnson, a youthful man traveling across the roads of America in search of his destiny. A chance encounter with a beautiful woman he slowly falls in love with and then another emotional kind of hurt from the Great Depression emerges as he witnesses something a woman must do to make a living during hard times.
Bound by love and determination, he receives help from an old man to gain a foothold on his life again. Will he find love or does a prostitute who thinks she cares deeply for him bring him to his doom?
Discover Marcy Williams and her two boys as she struggles like many women during the tough days of the Depression. What will she do with the help of two other women that may have help saved thousands of people?
The only way to know is to read their story as fate and life come together in a chance meeting that could determine what happens in the rest of their lives.