ABOUT Betty Cain

Betty Cain
Betty Ward Cain is a published author, musician and retired teacher. She is listed in the Cambridge who’s who.  Mrs. Cain taught kindergarten students for 30 years.  She comes from a long line of ministers, musicians, teachers and song writers.Mrs. Cain grew up in a minister’s home. More...



This is a compilation of southern gospel songs written by T. N. Ward. These songs have inspirational messages that will bless you. The tunes will continue to sing from your heart and stay with you for a while. If you hunger for some meaningful, traditional songs, this is for you. There are 30 songs written by "Newt," and two written by his father, James L. Ward. Daddy's briefcase with these songs was salvaged after his death and the songs were compiled by "Newt's" youngest daughter, Betty. Rev. Ward was a minister and music teacher for over 50 years. Some of his songs have been sung around the world. One of his most popular songs was, "Joy the World Cannot Give." It is still sung in many countries today. What a legacy of music he left for us. We hope you will enjoy our daddy's songs and sing them to your children.