IN FOR THE KILL #9 'Hawkman Series'

Mystery & Thrillers

By Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Publisher : SynergEbooks

ABOUT Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Betty Sullivan La Pierre
     Born and raised in Oklahoma, Betty Sullivan La Pierre attended the Oklahoma College for Women and the University of Oklahoma, graduating with her BS degree in e owned a Mail Order Used Book business dealing mainly in signed and rare books, but phased it out because it took up too  More...


     Hawkman received a phone message asking for ‘Jim Anderson’, his birth name, which he hadn’t used since he left the Agency.  He’d been assigned the new identity of Tom Casey, and feared this call came from a nemesis in his past days of being a spy.

    After several harassing calls, Hawkman feared for the life of his wife, Jennifer, and confided in the Sheriff team of Peggy and Ken Bronson. While Hawkman worked on the case, they kept his home under surveillance.

     A gift of a full breed Ragdoll kitten kept Jennifer’s mind occupied as she went through her days of seclusion, feeling like a prisoner in her own home.  Hawkman soon discovered Jack Hargrove was the man making the calls, but he’d never heard of him. Only later did he uncover that Jack’s crippled stepson Ray Skokie had caused the problem.  He’d worked with Hawkman on a mission and stepped on a land mine, destroying one of his legs, which forced him out of the spying field to a desk job.  Jack blamed Hawkman for the accident.

     Meanwhile, incidents involving a brutal attack on Hawkman, wrecking a rental car, stealing a red Willys jeep and running a woman off the road, alerted the Medford Police department to the dangers of Jack Hargrove.

     Bill Broadwell, Hawkman’s old boss at the Agency, talked with Ray about his father.  Skokie decided to visit Copco Lake and see if he could talk some sense into his dad.  When he arrived, Hawkman put him in the guest room of his own home and the two men decided to search for the campsite of Jack Hargrove.

     Once they found Jack, Ray insisted on going in and talking to him alone.  This concerned Hawkman and he eavesdropped on the conversation fearing 

Jack might try to harm Ray.  What he heard shocked him.  He left the two men in the shack and drove back to the lake to barricade his home. 

       Hawkman reported his findings to the Sheriffs, who immediately intensified the guarding of Hawkman’s home.  On a trial run through the hills of the area, Jennifer took some pictures, but feared they wouldn’t turn out due to the sun’s bright glare.  She later discovered the red jeep hidden behind a horse trailer in one of her photographs.  This led Hawkman and the Bronsons on a fast chase, only to discover the jeep, but no men.  

     Within a short time, reports came in about kitchens being raided and a truck stolen.  The two villains appeared to be one step ahead of the law officials.

      When Jennifer barely barely escaped a rifle shot and their house was set afire with a Molotov Cocktail, the Sheriffs immediately arranged for a search party, including a helicopter, supported with K-9 and Swat teams.

    To find out the ending of this exciting story, purchase ‘IN FOR THE KILL’ by Betty Sullivan La Pierre  


Title: In For The Kill

Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Publisher: SynergEbooks 

Genre: Suspense

Publication date: 2007

Pages: 298


Reviewer: Annick of Euroreviews

Jennifer doesn’t know what is happening when there’s a message on her answering machine. A message for Jim Anderson. No one has used Hawkman’s birth name for such a long time. Not since that day… This could mean that his life is in danger again. Are they after him, even after such a long time? This is what she and her husband have been afraid of since the day he left the agency.

Pretty soon it’s obvious to Hawkman that somebody from his past is indeed after him, and not with good intentions. He and his wife have to be extremely careful. There’s someone who knows everything about the new life they build up. But one thing is sure, he has to find out who it is, before it’s too late!

Imagine you’re being threatened, someone is following every step you take and letting you know what you did during the day… Hawkman normally knows how to handle these things, but this time things get out of hand and pretty soon the Siskiyou County Law Enforcement becomes involved. Betty Sullivan La Pierre has written more suspense stories, this is the ninth one in the Hawkman series. It seems to me that in each Hawkman story, the author has the knowledge of how to put more and more suspense in it. This story is fascinating from the first page till the last. If you like the Hawkman stories, be sure not to miss out on this one! If you haven’t read a Hawkman story yet, try this one, you’ll love it and you will be interested so much that you will want to read the previous ones as well.