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By Author Lace

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Crossfire: lines of fire from two or more positions crossing each other at a single point.

Bridget, a desperate magazine publisher obsessed with wanting a child, becomes calculating after her husband, Carl, refuses to start a family. Her sneaky ways may have gotten the best of her when she learns a devastating truth that could change her life.

Neenah has the looks that could kill. Stunningly beautiful, a top model with a lavish lifestyle, she always used her beauty to get her way. Even with her husband Jackson. Having chosen her

career over her marriage, she finds herself alone and regretting her vain ans selfish decisions.

Ghetto fabulous Celeste (aka 'Cee-Cee'), dreamed of the finer things in life. With a struggling mother and never knowing her father, she turns to the streets to find the love and security she never experienced at home. Torn between loyalty and a sense of well-being, Cee-Cee travels a winding and twisted road.

Lives intertwine, bonds are broken, and affairs ensue causing their existence to change forever. Who will get caught in the CROSSFIRE? Who will survive?