Alpha Battle (Isle of Paradise)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Marquaylla Lorette

Publisher : JK Publishing

ABOUT Marquaylla Lorette

Marquaylla Lorette


When Jadelyn discovered she was a latent shifter, the entire Isle she lives on turned their backs on her—everyone except for a few friends and her father, who is the current Alpha. Jadelyn is next in line to take the title of Alpha when her father steps down, but since she is a latent shifter, there are those who will not accept her as the next Alpha, so the Alpha Battle begins instead.
Not everyone is content with a latent on the Isle of Paradise. Jadelyn has received death threats to try to drive her off the Isle. She is determined to prove them wrong and gain their respect by winning the Alpha Battle and taking her rightful place as Alpha.
Eighteen years after his mother’s death and his family moving off the isle, Eli is finally returning home. Where he discovers someone has been trying to draw a wedge between him and those he loves.
Jadelyn and Eli join forces to uncover the secrets of the Isle of Paradise, as well as the secrets surrounding both of their mothers’ tragic deaths. Can they uncover the secrets some residents on the Isle are hiding in enough time to save the whole Isle from being invaded by Evil?