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ABOUT Karris Callahan

Karris Callahan
Karris Callahan grew up in the cornfields of Indiana where her childhood imagination took her on many adventures. The youngest of four children she had an active imagination and found that the best stories were often created in play. A school assignment in creative writing revealed to her More...


The Guardian is story of friendship and betrayal; of loss and hope; of an adventure with a group of misfit children living in a world torn by the tragedies of WWII. But have they discovered a world beyond the pain of their own - a world where they belong and where they have the courage to be who they were afraid to become?  

Join Cassie in her battle between poverty and royalty, between weakness and bravery. When her world shatters and Cassie is faced with the truth of who she is and the lies of her life, will she push away the ones she loves most or rise up to defend all that she holds dear? Fight alongside Micah as he seeks to help save his only friend from the darkness she faces. Become one of these misfits as they search for the answers to their questions: Can who they are in their dreams become true in reality? Or will their dreams remain just that…dreams?


"Ms. Callahan offers a delightful and surprising story blend of history and fantasy set both long, long ago and also not quite so far away. Be sure to find a comfy chair before settling in with Cassie and Micah.  Once you open the book, you won't want to leave till it's finished." Sandra Byrd, author of the best-selling Secret Sisters series.