My Hajj Collected Poems by Mekael

My Hajj Collected Poems by Mekael

ABOUT Mekael Shane

Mekael Shane
Me: I began writing poetry "officially" in 1996, since then, I have multiple published collections of poetry, and some of my work has been attached to a few¬†anthologies and periodicals. I believe that writing poetry is a beautiful torture. Poetry is where the soul is peeled an More...



Often times, poetry with socio-political commentary fails because it loses its common touch, existing as poetry that detracts instead of being poetry that impacts. Mekael works diligently never to forget the reader in his newest collection of poetry. My Hajj, Collected Poems is a collection that masterfully expresses Mekael's perspectives on the many facets of the human condition, through abridged stanzas with lines that bandy with the very trials and tribulations that confront us all as we journey through life while on our own personal hajjes.