ABOUT Jacob Parr

Jacob Parr
Jacob Parr currently lives on the Eastern Shore of the United States. As a writer he has written many different genres and lengths of stories over the course of his life. In high school, he was awarded and recognized upon graduation from the State of Maryland for his literary efforts. In c More...


A mysterious discovery unearthed in Oregon…


Lisa Davies, a wildlife biologist for the Smithsonian Conservation Biological Institute, and resident wolf expert at the National Zoo, receives an e-mail from a man claiming to have discovered an ancient, animal burial ground on a vacant part of his ranch, all the way across the country in Oregon. However, the creatures buried there are like none that have ever been seen before. Lisa believes the remains that have been found could change the scientific world’s view of not only wolf migration in America, but prove that there is a connection between an extinct specimen and that of the modern day Gray Wolf. Wishing to confirm this man’s find, she asks that he send her samples of some of the bones and other relics that were unearthed during a flash flood weeks prior. The last communication she had with him before he disappears reveals that he had indeed shipped her the samples, included in them being what the rancher says appears to be a recently deceased specimen, yet Lisa knows that must be impossible. Now he is missing.


A manhunt beginning in the suburbs of Washington D.C.…


A crime spree of horrendous proportions seems like it is just beginning in the Washington Metropolitan Area as bodies begin to turn up, horribly mutilated and torn to pieces. Aidan Preston, a Homicide Detective for the Montgomery County Police Department, delves into the case, finding himself immersed in a dark and dangerous world, the likes of which he has never seen in all his years working violent crime. Despite the fact that he is risking his reinstatement back on the force, following the tragic event that had taken place a year before and left him on administrative leave, he takes an unofficial interest in the case. After all, what kind of disturbed individual was loose on the streets and responsible for such a heinous crime and how does it tie in to the National Zoological Society and a wildlife biologist for the SCBI? Aidan believes that only he can answer these questions.


What supernatural secrets do these moonlit nights hold?


To find the truth, Aidan will need to work outside the law, to discover the reality behind these murders. The deeper he goes, the more he begins to realize something is not as it seems in the investigation. He begins to wonder if there is not something more to these serial killings than just some crazed cult. Something more cunning and blood-thirsty than even he can imagine. With the help of Lisa Davies, they begin to realize that there are far too many similarities between the nightmarish events that have been plaguing her and the murders that Aidan is investigating for them to just be a coincidence. As the body count continues to escalate, and with a full moon just around the corner, Aidan must do the unthinkable if he is to confront this murderous force of evil, risking everything to put an end to the death count. Will he be able to stop the killers in time, or will those closest to him be next in the growing list of victims?