Wizards' Goal

ABOUT Alan J. Garner

Alan J. Garner
I am science fantasy novelist Alan J. Garner, published by SynergEbooks. Check out my Chosen Trilogy (The Chosen One, Chosen Too & Three Times Chosen) as well as Wizards' Goal, the first volume in my Terrath series.


One reluctant hero. Two vying wizards. Three converging prophecies. You do the math.

Ancient Troll writings foretell the emergence of a champion from the West fated to determine the destiny of the Fellow Races. Kidnapped and raised in the East by a retired soldier, a bewildered youth becomes embroiled in the affairs of warring wizards following the appearance of a strange benefactor. Cajoled by the mysterious Maldoch into accompanying him on a madcap jaunt to secure peace before Terrath is plunged into a devastating race war, Garrich finds himself the unwitting pawn in the eternal tussle between Good and Evil.

Will he eventuate as the warrior predicted to shape future events? Or is one amongst the Goblin horde poised to invade from the North the true decider?

"...it’s a compelling read, as fraught with danger as Tolkien’s masterpiece... I’d very much like to read the sequel when it’s released to find out what happens next."

Stacey, reviewer for Manic Readers.