Taken In The Dark

Horror, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Mary Andrews

Publisher : Mary A. Andrews

Taken In The Dark

ABOUT Mary Andrews

Mary Andrews
"I am a dreamer and the product of a much grandeur dream realized."~Mary Andrews



A young woman explores her desires through her dreams

Milly is a 25-year-old woman with an ordinary life and an ordinary job but her dreams are anything but ordinary. 
Reluctantly she starts seeing a psychiatrist to cope with her depression as well as a recurring nightmare. As she begins to lose her grip on reality, her dependence on her psychiatrist grows. The more she shares with the handsome Dr. Phillip, the more vivid and exciting the dreams become. 
The line between fantasy and reality becomes a terrifying blur and Milly starts to lose control.  
Will Milly lose the battle for her sanity? 


Taken in The Dark was written with the concept of inescapable dreams in mind. I have had those experiences where you wake up in a dream that feels so real you are almost certain it is reality.