Rise of the Anshar (The Days of Noah Series)

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Chris Hambleton
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Myths. Legends. Ancient lore. Primeval stories buried deep within the memories of the earliest civilizations of mankind. Even today, many cultures retain the distant longing for a lost paradise, tales of a worldwide flood, and legends of a tower of confusion. Yet too few of us ask if the legends are true.

This is a story of the First Age, when dragons and giants freely roamed the earth and mankind lived for hundreds of years. Paradise was fresh in their memories and still sought by those who yearned for it. The earth was young, unmarred, and bountiful -- and ripe for subjugation by men, beasts, and demons.

The first great struggle for mankind's fate has been won, but in the middle of the First Age, a new threat is rising as ancient enemies seek to reclaim what they lost. And this time, the enemies of mankind will not accept defeat.

“Rise of the Anshar” is the first volume of “The Days of Noah Series”, a collection of novels which are set in the age before the Flood of Noah that chronicle the events of the First Age and then the replenishing of the world after the Flood until the time of Abraham.