Further Notes From the Dispatch Box of John H Watson, MD

ABOUT Hugh Ashton

Hugh Ashton
As a long-time admirer of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, Hugh has often wanted to complete the canon of the stories by writing the stories which are tantalizingly mentioned in passing by Watson, but never published. His latest offering of three such stories More...



The second box ("the dispatch-box") to be discovered in the vaults of Cox & Co. of Charing Cross has been the source of even more discoveries concerning the celebrated detective Sherlock Holmes.

This collection includes a Foreword from consulting Sherlockian Dr. Philip C. Eyster, who writes, "I had only read a few pages of his initial story, when I knew that Mr. Ashton has not only the skill but also the deep-felt desire to faithfully add to the canon the same Sherlock as came from the pen of Author Conan Doyle over 100 years ago".

Included in this volume are four tales, all referenced in the canonical originally published adventures: The Abernetty Horror, The Finsbury House, The Curious Affair of the Archdeacon and An Account of the Victor Lynch Forgery.