Vaalbara; The Land of Shadows

Vaalbara; The Land of Shadows

ABOUT Michelle Horst

Michelle Horst
Michelle A Horst lives in the quiet town of Alberton, South Africa with her husband and son. She writes both fiction and fantasy and reads just about any book she can get her hands on. She is a member of Generation Change, a team that supports the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and just about  More...



The Land of Shadows is the long awaited sequel to Visions and Shadows. Two Years have come to pass and Alchera is in dire need of saving from Void - ruler of the Shadowedlands. Luna sees Alchera as Vaalbara's savior and can’t just stand by idly, while Alchera is in so much danger. Luna takes matters into her own hands only to soon find out there is much more that links her to Alchera. Will Luna be able to save Alchera? Then there is also the bond Luna shares with Storm, her trainer and friend she turned her back on not so long ago - can this bond withstand the test of time? So many secrets have to be kept while Void, dark and evil can strike at any time, bringing to life their worst dreams and fears.