Jack-Knifed (DCI Martin Phelps Cardiff Bay Series Book 1)

Mystery & Thrillers

By Wonny Lea

Publisher : Peters-Books Ltd

ABOUT Wonny Lea

Wonny Lea
I’ve just celebrated my 70th birthday and I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been doing something new! If I had to put my finger on one life-changing event it would have to be getting the opportunity to attend Grammar School. In that environment I was middle of the roa More...


A modern vibrant city that is the home of Torchwood and Doctor Who deserves a world-class CID. Detective Chief Inspector Martin Phelps heads up a diverse team based near the heart of Cardiff where old buildings and mixed cultures meet new architecture and National Government.
The author uses photographs she has taken for the front covers of this series and the cover of Jack-Knifed, the first one to be published, depicts a brooding Cardiff Bay with the outline of the
renowned Norwegian Church.
Get to know the characters and the way in which they work together by combining good old-fashioned police work with the latest scientific advances.
This time they are faced with the particularly brutal murder of a gay man but the road to catching his killer takes many a twist and involves more deaths before the team bring evil to justice.

Beginning in the swinging sixties and ending in the 1990's my time in the National Health Service was rooted in a time of constant change and amazing developments. As I climbed the ladder in my nursing career I became part of the latest discussions about scientific advances. Coupled with my natural love for solving puzzles it was almost inevitable that there was a crime novel somewhere in my brain! I had itchy feet after taking early retirement and set up a health related business that continues to thrive, albeit now with my eldest daughter at the helm. With time on my hands I turned to writing and my first book 'Jack-Knifed' sat on my laptop for some time before I got up the courage to ask my husband to read it. Almost a week went by and as he had made no comment I figured he was summoning up the courage to tell me it was rubbish. John is not someone who gives out praise unless it is justified so when he told me that it was as good as many books he had read and a hell of a lot better than lots of others, I was amazed and encouraged. I have since gone on to complete four novels in the DCI Martin Phelps series, based in Cardiff Bay and the fifth is currently keeping me awake at night. It is my husband who has been the driver in relation to publishing the series and continues to be my number one fan.