Killing by Colours (DCI Martin Phelps Cardiff Bay Series Book 3)

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Wonny Lea
I’ve just celebrated my 70th birthday and I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been doing something new! If I had to put my finger on one life-changing event it would have to be getting the opportunity to attend Grammar School. In that environment I was middle of the roa More...



There is something exciting about publishing the third book in a series. The setting, based around Cardiff Bay, has become familiar and the characters have become people we know and care about.
All three novels can be read as stand-alone books but to get the best from the series read Jack-Knifed first and then The Coopers Field Murder. You will then want to know how the team cope with a serial killer who has a macabre interest in the rainbow and poetry.
Welcome to the third book in the DCI Martin Phelps series.
Welcome to Killing by Colours.