Copper Hollow

Mystery & Thrillers

By FT Moore

Publisher : Pergados Press


FT Moore
FT Moore is a former defense contractor with a background in data mining technology. 



Drinking 'shine, cheering at the chicken fights, loving their women, hunting squirrels. Life in the mountains. Until the drones circled overhead, the men, women, and children of Copper Hollow didn't know they were terrorists. Didn't know they had something to hide. Luke Trout graduated from high school and joined the Marines. Headed to Afghanistan to fight some Taliban. Chance Kiernan, ex-Delta Force, headed to Copper Hollow to get some peace. But peace wasn't waiting.

Copper Hollow is a hotbed of Intelligence Agency activity, and it’s not only the CIA. This isolated area in the hollows of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the hideout of Te, a rogue mercenary agency, funding the Afghan insurgents. Manufacturing heroin from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, the rogue agency conceals its activity in empty chicken houses and backwoods sheds. But can Defense Intelligence Agent Chance Kiernan and his FBI Agent sidekick, Juliette March, uncover the operation before more citizens of Copper Hollow die? Or is the rogue agency not really so rogue?

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