Deceit (The Serenity Series)

Deceit (The Serenity Series)

ABOUT Dawn Kirby

Dawn Kirby
I'm a wife, a mother, a writer and a dreamer. I spend my days caring for my days caring for family and our growing number of pets. My nights are for my stories; my paranormal world and the many characters I've come to love.



Despite the danger following her, Leah and Raine are determined to move on with their lives. Starting with a lifetime commitment to each other. The situation being what it is, Kale urges them to make their vows sooner rather than later. Assuring that both Leah and Raine have as much protection as possible is his only concern.

With their ceremony mere days away and the household busy making everything perfect, the vampire hunting Leah bides his time. Her blood, the blood of a damphir has benefitted him in many ways. From turning back the clock to allowing him to withstand the sun. But one in particular, one no one but he and his protégé know about has given him the ability to have something no other vampire save one has ever had.

When Raine leaves town to oversee a building project the vampire makes his move. After meeting with Kale and Mark to try to find out who was to blame for the former pack leader’s death, Leah is left bloody, battered and broken. Declan’s connection to her is her saving grace. While she tries to deal with the pain of a horrible loss, Raine decides to go over Donovan’s head for help; exposing her secret to some of the oldest vampires in existence.

Can the Confederation save her from a life of torture? Or will they take her away from Raine forever?