ABOUT Michelle Sutton

Michelle Sutton
Michelle Sutton is an inspirational author and has written twenty two inspirational novels with more to come. When she is not writing she is an avid blogger/book reviewer. Michelle resides with her family in Arizona.


Learning to Trust is the final book in the Sacred Vows series. Three couples in love learn that building trust with a new spouse is more difficult than they expected. Since two of the couples have been married before, they know that truth all too well. 

Follow three newly married couples as they navigate the difficult waters of marriage and remarriage. Each battles trust issues as they become parents. Jimmy has a past that includes intimacy with men. His wife wonders if she'll be enough to keep him from returning to that lifestyle. Tony had a number of affairs before finding peace with God and changing his ways. His new wife was burned in her prior marriage because of unfaithfulness.

Hope is the most conflicted of all. A widow, she desires marital love again, but her past has been littered with bad choices. Her new husband, Matt, is much younger than she is, so their relationship feels awkward to her. She is afraid of what the future might hold and that her new husband will lose interest as the years go by and she grows older. Matt longs to convince her of his love to help her overcome her insecurities. His former marriage was cold, but everything about Hope heats his blood. If only he could convince her that he will always love her despite their age difference.