Writing in the Dark

ABOUT J. Motzkus

J. Motzkus



Writing in the dark is a collection of 18 horror tales. Below, you'll find a short description of each one. 

“The head collector.”

When Jamie ignores the advice of her best friend, she finds herself trapped in the closet with a serial killer. 

“Pete, the Cat.”

A mother is torn when her six year old son, Joey is hospitalized at the hands of an incurable disease left behind by their cat. 

“Buried and left to die.”

She wakes up every night only to relive her death. Only when she is able to solve her own murder and find out who the person is that killed her, she will be at peace. 

“I like em’ twisted.”

Ivan learns that he’s dad made a deal with death and sold his son’s life for ten more years of being cancer free. 

“Don’t stand too close.”

Marquette wants to see the lions so bad, but her mother didn't. She wasn't liking the triple digit temperatures and the crowded zoo. What happens when a mother is pushed past her limit? 

“The secret room.”

Julian is lured into a secret cave by her boyfriend. The problem? She becomes his next face. 

“The harvest.”

Cat discovers that she has been betrayed by James, her husband when she sees the truth with her own eyes. She is then forced into the ground to be planted and harvested with the rest. 

“Darkness within.”

Martha is trapped in the woods by a dark entity and tries her best to escape. But as he forces her to change, she cannot fight the desire of human flesh. 


Andy believes that his best friends were taken by aliens and they have come back to earth to kill him. All the signs are there, but there’s one thing missing, he forgot to take his meds. 


Devon, a writer, undergoes a brain operation. As his life flashes before his eyes, for a moment; a brief moment, his life was complete again when he sees his dead wife and children.


Sky, a severe drug addict is sent to hell. The devil plays with his mind and holds two bags up: a bag full to the top with drugs, needles, and syringes or a single bag that will give him his life back free of addiction.

“A drink to kill.”

An alcohol addiction leaves Gladwyne in shock when he breaks into a liquor store to find that even with the bottles open, he can’t drink a single drop of liquor to ease the demon inside of him. 

“The traveler.”

Trey, a traveler, slaughters ever one in the town of Marls Bo to find the only human body left that held his trapped bride. 

“Walker of dreams.”

Conner is trapped inside his own dreams, but this time, something’s different. Outside his body, his wife, Ashley is fighting the one that roamed in his sleep. But as hard as Conner tried, he still couldn't get to her. 

“Together in pieces.”

A crazy woman is ran out of town and threatened to be hung. Now she hunts humans for their skin so that she can kill freely and return to the town with a new identity.

“The Club.”

Jo’s tiring night job has her seeing the reflection in the Club’s bathroom mirror come to life on its own and she finds herself being the one trapped behind the glass.

“Deadly competition.”

Tired of losing every baking competition in town, Mandy stalks her neighbor, Kristen and begins to plot her revenge. 

“Zombie driven.”

What happens when a queen zombie and her colony crowd the center of a hospital with people still inside? Well, it’s not pretty.