Dark Secrets of the Heart

ABOUT Margaret Marr

Margaret Marr
Margaret Marr grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina where she spent her summers reading and making up romantic stories in her head. A healthy interest in the supernatural and unexplained led her to writing mystery, paranormal, horror, and young adult fiction laced with romanc More...



Anna Michaels lives in a small town where life is slow and quiet, and she likes it that way. Her only fear is that someone will discover rock star, Chris Gentry, visits her from time to time to get away from the hassles of the music business—to find peace from an out-of-control lifestyle. A place where dark secrets remain hidden until someone digs them up.

Caught between the love of two men—one a rough country boy, the other a wild city boy—Anna’s life becomes endangered when someone follows Chris to his hideaway—someone with deadly vengeance in their heart—who will stop at nothing to take Anna out of the equation and hit Chris where it hurts the most.

I sat up till after 4 in the morning reading this title. It’s one of the very few I’ve read that I just couldn’t put away. It’s intense drawing plot, keeps you drawn to its pages, as you wait for the outcome of each skit. I’d give this read at least a 9- but 5 is as high as it goes. This is a GREAT read!

5star.gif- Plus - Reviewer Deanna for Ghost Writer Reviews