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"Hunted Heiress" by Aeriell Lawton is a short tale that starts out with a rather arrogant spoiled rich girl getting ready for a trip to France, and winds up as a romance. In between, she is kidnapped; survives a private jet crash, as does her captor; and is rescued by a nearby camper who just happens to be a policeman.

After her rescue, she has to camp out with her rescuer for two nights as they slowly trek toward the nearest town. At the same time, her captor awakens from being knocked out in the crash, and quickly ascertains that his captive has been rescued. He follows their footprints, but as they had pitched their tent some distance from the trail, he walks right past them and beats them to town.

When they finally get to town a second kidnapping attempt is foiled once again by the vacationing policeman, and the kidnapper is arrested by the local Sheriff. The story ends as all romances end, so I won't go into detail.