Love, Lust Or Lies

Romance, General Fiction, Gay & Lesbian


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Hot erotic, sexy love making, kinky poetic romance that will bring your fantasies to life. Pain never felt so pleasureable as you are captivated by the pains of love and the realities of lies. The playtime Karma-Sutra of lust and the betrayals of the one your heart yearns for the most. Not all love hurts, not everyone lust but most do tell lies. Allow the truths of them all to bound your every senses and take you to on an sensually amazing ride. A novel of short stories about love, lust and/or lies telling all that one refuse to speak about or maybe to scared to. It's sexy, sensual and profoundly poetic. Most try to have their cake and eat it too I say there is nothing wrong with that but why not eat some pie every now and then.

Too often we live life how others want us to. Love who they feel we should love, live how they feel we should live. I say be who you are live how you see fit to live. Let no one but god judge the way you live your life. This book just allows people to see that they aren't the only one going through a lover's spat or they can't love the person they want to for whatever reason. Learning the difference in loving someone as oppose to lusting after a desire is the key to finding a meaningful relationship. Lies behind lust will never bring you true love. You may encounter a few heart breaks on this journey called life but if we never give up we will one day find our soul mate.

wake up! don't sleep on this author, Monya Williams! she is HOT!

This book kept my attention from beginning to ending, it's short stories that will pull you in & have you yearning for more. Her stories puts her in a catogory with authors like E.Lynn Harris with a twist of Zane. This book is a must read, once I started reading I could not put it down, I read it in one day! I cant wait to read more of her books, just ordered Crying Hearts, I will be adding Monya Williams to my book collection....she is a HOT NEW AUTHOR! DON'T SLEEP ON HER, YOU'LL BE MISSING OUT!