Making the Grade

Mystery & Thrillers

By Peter Pollak

Publisher : Expendable Man Publishing

Making the Grade

ABOUT Peter Pollak

Peter Pollak
After a career as a journalist, educator and entrepreneur, I'm now focused on the craft of writing fiction.My second novel, Making the Grade, a police procedural, came out in April 2012.


Rookie detective Shannon Lynch is assigned to a major case with two men who seem to resent her having been promoted. Why? It’s the year 2000 and she’s the first female detective in the Albany, NY Police Department. Then her past catches up to her in ways she could not have predicted. Is she tough enough to overcome a killer who’s out for revenge as well as deal with colleagues who aren’t sure she can be trusted?

What makes Albany New York such an interesting city is that it is the capital of NYS and as a result brings people from all over the state and beyond into the city. It is also the home of a state university and state government, but the political structure of the city is steeped in early 20th century tradition where being a member of the club counts high. Women seeking an opportunity in fields such as police work face more than the normal obstacles. Hence Making the Grade.

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