Semisweet: A Maggie and Odessa Mystery

Semisweet: A Maggie and Odessa Mystery

ABOUT Jill Brock

Jill Brock
Jill Brock, a native New Yorker and a graduate of York College began writing poetry and short stories in high school. She has been an avid reader since childhood. 




Maggie Swift, wife, mother, and private eye in training wants to do her first solo case, unfortunately, that is news to her irascible boss, P.I. Frank McAvoy. He wants her to stick to filing and answering the phones. Maggie has other plans. With help from her best friend, dessert chef and sometimes reluctant sidekick, Odessa Wilkes, she takes on a case and her first client. The mother of a bride wants Maggie to find out the truth about the groom and her future son-in-law, who may be marrying his blushing bride for more than love. Maggie thinks there something hinky is going on when the rich and successful husband-to-be looks like a GQ cover model and his penniless fashion challenged fiancé acts like the chairwoman of his fan club. As always, Odessa has problems of her own. A psycho bug exterminator wants to kill her, and she does not even know why. Her boyfriend wants a deeper commitment. She not sure she is ready, even though she's found the perfect wedding dress.

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