The Star - Episode 1-4

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Senserial Publishing

Publisher : Senserial Publishing

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What if you knew for a fact that we weren’t alone in the universe? What if the Earth was meticulously observed by beings of different realms and planets? And what if you knew one of those beings?

Eight different people attempt to narrate their own unique stories, each revolving around a mysterious woman named Lila who impacted and altered their lives forever.

Lila’s life – one bound to the paranormal, the awakening of mankind and even the most obscure political conspiracies - is documented through the eyes of the people she met and inspired, those who aided as well as harmed her.

Hunted down by dark agencies and stripped of the only things that really matter to her, Lila’s journey is not one without strife, her course only proving that the things which remain hidden are usually what most people prefer to discard anyway..

But what if some secrets bear the truth that can save all mankind..?