The Vampire from Hell (Part 1) - The Beginning

ABOUT Ally Thomas

Ally Thomas
Amazon bestselling author Ally Thomas loves writing paranormal books that showcase vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, and any furry monsters who go bump in the night. She is currently working on the next installment of her popular paranormal fantasy series, the Vampire from Hell.


According to Rayea, the oldest daughter of Satan, the origin of vampires started in Hell, and it started with her. Rayea isn't daddy's little girl, even if he is the most powerful fallen angel around. He wants her to take an active role in the family business. But she's not interested in his schemes for world domination. Instead she wants to spend her time shopping on the Internet, rescuing humans from a horrific eternity, and practicing martial arts with her seven foot hellhound. Then one day everything changes.

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"This is an excellent read with a interesting twist on a typical vampire book. I read the next one in the series, also excellent." ~angelamcv at Amazon

"Purifying and unique and very dark but very good and could also also allow people to relate by those who feel trapped in the darkness a lot." ~brenda burns at Amazon

"I LOVE Rayea's story and the great spin Ally puts on the "Vampire" themed books. This story is a little bit of everything and a great yet "short" start to an awesome story line! Go Rayea! :)" ~Laura McDermaid at Smashwords

"The vampire has been overplayed alot in movies, books and tv but this is the first of a vampire from hell and I loved Rayea as a character she has it all." ~lfsims

"I am already completely enthralled with the plot and characters in this story. Absolutely the best good versus evil fiction I have ever read. The idea that satan would have a child rebel against him, and love man kind, thats genius. I hope to see very much more from this author and especially concerning these characters and storyline. Thank you for the free short, I will gladly pay for more work of this superior quality. Well done!" ~atrophyman at Barnes & Noble

"I thought I would never get in into vampire books, BUT after reading series from Christopher Buechleler and Nicky Charles and Ann Rice, this author is getting me even more hooked !! I normally read Grisham and Patterson, but I cant get enough. This series is making me into a vampire reader with the thirst for more. I craved more !! Just bought the next book A Vampire Among Angels in the series.So I just wanted to say I enjoy the style of this book, it reminds me of the humor of Janet Evanovich - Stephanie Plum gal. Thanks you for the humor and great writing, I feel I am tagging along with Blick and Rayea." ~Anonymous at Barnes & Noble