THE FALSE PROPHETS; will the Year 2012 bring Heaven or Hell?

THE FALSE PROPHETS; will the Year 2012 bring Heaven or Hell?

ABOUT B.J. Boltauzer

B.J. Boltauzer
I am a semi retired man with a very diverse professional past and intense spiritual present. I am married with adult children and I live in rural Ontario, Canada. The nature here is harsh, ragged and merciless; it also is big, beautiful, serene and majestic and one feels being one with the More...



A short description of The False Prophets

The False Prophets’ is a thriller with a message. Esoteric, religious, spiritual and political connotations abound. A worldwide conspiracy of a sinister White Supremacist society to usurp the foretold spiritual re-birth of the world in 2012, is opposed by a small group of mystics of different faiths, including a Jesuit priest, a Cabalistic rabbi, a Sufi Shaykh, a Masonic Rosicrucian, a Hindu yogi, a Tibetan Buddhist master and a Wicca priestess, whose united goal is to bring understanding, tolerance, harmony and love to humanity and to persuade the whole world to see the truth before it is lost forever.


One page synopsis

Hiding behind an international oil and mining corporation, the neo-Nazi Thule Society is about to unleash the first of three large-scale disasters that will culminate in the establishment of a new world order under a white-supremacist dictatorship. At the precise moment of the winter solstice in 2009, they plan to destroy the island of Great Britain with an earthquake. This will be induced mechanically with sonic oscillators placed in strategic locations along the ley lines of the island.

Enter retired British schoolteacher Paul Francis. Paul stumbles across the knowledge that an evil group is going to try to usurp the re-birth of the world.

Paul’s best friend is murdered by the conspirators, while Paul is in the hospital, a victim of poisoning. Paul’s wife Mary rushes to her husband’s side, along with their two children, who quickly become involved in the quest to literally save the world.

The main adversary of the evil Thule conspirators is a mysterious mystical Circle of Light, a small but powerful group of seven mystics of various religions, which is composed of a Jesuit priest from the UK, a Sufi Shaykh from Turkey, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, a Hindu yogi from India, a Wicca priestess from California, a Masonic Rosicrucian magus from Canada and a Cabalistic rabbi from Boston, Massachusetts.

This group acts behind the scenes of the world’s stage and has existed in some form for almost 300 years. The ultimate goal of the Circle of Light is to enlighten mankind and bring the whole world together in mutual love, understanding, tolerance and harmony.

The confrontation between the Thule Society and the Circle of Light, with the assistance of the Francis family, takes place on the world stage. The seven mystics successfully organize widespread economic upheaval and civil unrest, targeting the ruthless oil and mining corporation behind which the society is hiding.

The final confrontation takes place in the UK, which is the designated target of the first stage of the Thule program. Law enforcement agencies are involved. The book ends at the precise minute of the winter solstice in 2009. Who is the winner? Who is the loser? Is this the beginning of the end or is this the beginning of the necessary enlightenment of mankind?