Fatland: The Early Days

ABOUT Frannie Zellman

Frannie Zellman
Frannie Zellman received her MA in creative writing from Boston University in 1980 and blames none of her professors for what she has done or written since.She is a member of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and has taught writing workshops for peo More...


The hidden history of FatLand is revealed in Volume II of The FatLand Trilogy. In the fantasy and science fiction adventure FatLand (Volume I), the weight-oriented Pro-Health Laws of the U.S. have become so oppressive that people seeking freedom over their bodies have established a new country where life is good and scales are forbidden. FatLand: The Early Days is both a sequel and a prequel, as three archivists set out to discover how FatLand began -- and quickly become aware that someone doesn't want them to know.

Seven thousand miles away a woman summons the courage to write about FatLand's beginnings, knowing her life will be in danger the moment the FatLand Board receives her memoir.

As the four of them race to record their findings and insights, the early history of FatLand reveals itself in violence and heroism, and in the bravery, determination and treachery of its founders.

Elle Hill, author of the Hunted series, has praised FatLand and Zellman's writing for its "intriguing mix of sensualist and minimalist. Some scenes are so lush, readers can also smell or taste them."