SNAP! And the Alter Ego Dimension

ABOUT Ann Hite Kemp

Ann Hite Kemp


Through an internet game called “Snap”, Tammy is transported to the Alter Ego Dimension. Her evil alter ego, who looks exactly like her, wants to overpower and store her permanently in this desolate dimension so to take her place on earth. Together with a Japanese brother and sister and a German youngster, Tammy must fight against the alter egos, which are always on the lure. Then a murderer and his victim also show up in this dimension. How long can Tammy and her new friends survive without food and water in this grey, godforsaken place? And can they ever escape? The book is intended for young adults still in their teens that are interested in the paranormal, science and love adventure stories. Also readers who think for themselves and who can enjoy the “ride” while doing so.